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San Francisco, CA, 94103

Email : support@dopeskill.com

Dopeskill.com is one of the largest online clothing store where you can find the most chillin’ clothes for your sneakers. All products from Dopeskill.com are designed by professional, yet very “dope” designers. Offering unique products that cannot find anywhere else, we acknowledge the need of being a sneakerhead from you, which means you always want your clothes to be perfectly align with your shoes. For this reason, we put our heart to take care every single color on the products we provide. Also, we make sure all the clothing we sell is lit quality.

At Dopeskill.com, customer service is top notch and we are proud of our customer service team, which consists of very 2D (Dope & Dedicated) members. We always want you – our customer to know that you are at the very central of the heart of our business model. This is the very reason why it has always been our purpose to serve everyone with the greatest customer service. If you ever have anything, a question, an idea or whatever, please do not hesitate to drop an email at our support mail box. Our customer support team will be more than happy to assist you.

We ship all orders through USPS delivering service. All packages are carefully packed and shipped to ensure no damage to your product. Every package we send comes with a unique tracking number and you can use that tracking number to track in real-time the location of your product.

We do not in any association with Nike or Adidas. Shoes do not come with any purchases. We only use shoes on our images to help our customers have a better insight into what matches that particular shoe.

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